Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home now and working on updating the blog.

There are many folks to thank, especially my riding partner, Ian Johnson and the folks who made this happen: Steve Bailey of Vespa Motorsport, Allen Drysdale of Corazzo Gear and Murray Walters of Scooter Central.  My thanks and love to you all.


Christina Kephart said...

Where are the updates?? I want to see all the pretty pictures!

WombatDolphin said...

Hi Karen

Well done in making it round Oz !

BTW It was a broken belt that lost my scooter power as we rode over the Harbour Bridge in Sydney - now I know what to look for next time - loved reading your blog - congrats


Alex zender said...

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Starr Markham said...

Hello Karen! I'm envious of your journey, wish I was there. At first reading, I thought you would not make it all the way round, with all the breakdowns. Odd that Ian lost so many belts. Cheers.