Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Saturday, 28 July 2012

I was able to get everything packed and on the scooter.  I sorted out a few things that I could live without.  That leaves a little bit of room for the occasional souvenier.

I’m glad to have the new Corazzo jacket and gloves.  They’re well made.  The fit is good. And they match the scooter (I know, I know, you can all roll your eyeballs at me now.)  Plus, they’re a better alternative to what I brought.  I expected very cold temps and, so far anyway, it’s been moderate to warm.  Here's the bright, shiny scooter and the bright shiny jacket, both white, and awaiting the first splatter of bug guts.

Bill came by to give me a scooter tour of Sydney.  At Bill's suggestion we parked the fully loaded X7 at his house.  He rode his beautiful black PX and I rode his lovely (and prettier than mine) red GTS.  (I love that scooter!)  The views were picture-postcard perfect!  The city skyline and harbor are amazing.  We rode through an historic area and up to a park near the botanical gardens.  We continued to a harbor-side cafe for a calamari and fish & chips lunch.  We rode further past Bondi Beach.  At every turn there was a photo op.  I was sorry I'd left my camera on the X7.  I guess I'll just have to do it again!

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Jacqui Kennedy said...

So glad Bill gave you a good Ozzie welcome!!!

Looking forward to meeting you on the flip side.