Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, 09 August 2012
Day 10 ½ riding  (round it up to 11, I guess)

Linc called to let us know all the service was complete.  He'd worked late to make sure both scooters were ready today.  (Thanks, Linc!!)  We walked to his shop and ended up talking even longer than we did the day before.  I loved listening to his stories of racing with his mates and riding with his family.  He’s got lots of great stories.  And there’s usually a gem of a riding tip, too.  Entertainment and education is a great combination.

Here’s Linc helping another customer.  He’s a busy guy in his orange and black shop shirt.  Didn’t even have time to face the camera and pose for a photo.

At Linc’s suggestion, we headed out toward Port Douglas.  It was already after noon, so there wasn’t time to do the whole scenic loop to Cooktown then inland to Mt. Molloy and Mareeba then back to Cairns.  We satisfied ourselves with a small portion of that – just 150 km up and down the coast.  Fun, leisurely riding and world-class beaches and overlooks along the way.

We were lucky to find “3 nineteen,” a restaurant on the beach near the pier.  They had a sign out front that made me laugh.

By now it was about 2pm and the lunch crowd was thinning.  We were seated right away.  I had crab and prawn linguini and Ian had a steak sandwich.  We both ate every bite.  And then I remembered that most blogs show the food before it’s described.  Sorry.

I’d been warned I’d better enjoy all this scenic beauty while I can.  As we head east, there will be no more rolling hills, lush rainforests, sugar cane and banana plantations, farm lands and ranch lands and dairy lands all would be replaced with lots and lots of nothing.  It doesn’t seem possible but I have to believe they’re telling the truth.  In the interest of enjoying it all, we stopped at Rex Lookout on the way back.

Very good food.  Outstanding scenery.  Spectacular riding.  And pretty great company, too.  Could not ask for anything better.  It was only half a day riding but what a day it was!  Add to that, there was none of the gear we’d been hauling.  Made the scooters light and FUN, especially in the corners.  Wheee!

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