Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 1 riding – YAY!

Another rider and Modern Vespa forum member, Rory, met Bill and me at 10.  Rory was going to ride with us for about half a day.   After a few minutes of conversation and last-minute packing, we were off on the first day of our riding adventure.  Bill took the lead and Rory was the sweeper.

We crossed the Anzac bridge. I think this is my favorite of all the bridges in Sydney.   There’s a very cool graphic as you cross. (not my photo)

Next was the Sydney Harbor Bridge with fantastic views of both the city skyline and harbor, as well as the world famous Sydney Opera House. (also not my photo)

Just after the bridge crossings, Rory lost all power.  He thought it was a broken belt.  We were reluctant to leave him.  He lived nearby, was ready to phone for help, and assured us he’d be fine.  He wished us well and sent us on our way.

Bill continued to lead the way through lovely suburban neighborhoods all over northern Sydney then along Old Pacific Highway.  We stopped for lunch at pub in Wollombi.  It has the look and feel of all the biker hangouts I’ve been to (or ridden past) back home.  I thought it was funny when I overheard one of the customers who are usually engrossed in conversation about “real” bikes say “Did ya see the two scooters?”  Watch out sport bikes and cruisers – we’re everywhere! heeheehee

There was more scenic beauty as we rode past vineyards, ranch lands, and rolling hills.  We stopped briefly at the Carson Memorial Lookout.


It was a beautiful day but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I normally would: new / different handling scooter, unfamiliar roads, changing light conditions, looking out for other riders wanting to pass... all this lead me to have tension moving up from my hands through my wrists and up my arms to my shoulders.   I knew it was time to loosen that deathgrip!  Anyway, by the end of the day I was tense and cranky.  Thankfully Bill brought wine.  Somehow that made it all (or mostly) better.

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