Monday, August 20, 2012

Today is Monday, 20 August 2012

Here's the latest news:
The X7 has been running like a champ but Ian's Gilera Runner has not.  We waited for belts to arrive in Katherine.  (Thanks, again, Allen!!)  Now Ian's waiting for replacement shocks off a wrecked bike in Sydney.  He's also going to need a new air filter, and +/- 3" diameter plastic roller that looks like it's been damaged by a metal burr or chip.  It might have been by the kevlar from the belt.  It's still kind of unclear.  Anyway, he's in Darwin and will be for probably a week or so.  Then he'll probably head south through "The Red Center."

The only good part of that is, he used to be stationed in Darwin and knows it well.  He'll relocate from the campsite we had yesterday to a backpackers (hostel).  That'll save a little money and give him a bed and secure room.

I'm fine and back in Katherine tonight.  I'll be pressing on toward Broome and Perth.  I hope to meet up with Ian again in Adelaide.

I'll keep updating the blog as WiFi and time allows.

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Linda Quinn said...

Thinking of you. Be safe!!