Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, 06 August 2010 –Whiskers Point to Fort Nelson – 424.2 miles

This morning I was not exactly motivated to jump on the scooter and ride. It rained a little early in the morning and by the time I got up there was some blue in the sky instead of all that smoke. I went for a walk around the campground and lake. Here's a view of the lake and a view of my campsite from the lake path.

This is some of what's left of chalk artist Austin's work. (I love that he even knows who The Hulk is!)

There were wild berries that one of my neighbors was harvesting for breakfast.

I stopped to eat and refuel in Chetwynd. They have some amazing wood sculptures all along the main road through town.

This sign made me laugh - apparently cold beer isn't good enough.

Here's a photo I took for my niece, Christina.

This is the Hudson Hope Bridge that spans Peace River. Not only is the bridge and surrounding scenery beautiful but they installed a very cool totem.

Today I learned that service stations along the Alaskan Highway typically close at 6pm and most of them only have diesel and 84 or 87 octane fuel. Eeek. It was nearly 7pm and I needed 91 octane or better. I was lucky that one station had re-opened for another customer so I could ride as far as Ft. Nelson. I didn’t hear the engine pinging – fingers crossed that everything’s ok.

Hey! Don't we have some of these in So Cal?

At last I arrived at Ft. Nelson. These are photos of the door handles and barstools at the Triple “G” Hideaway.

As I was checking into the campground, I spoke to a fellow rider named Martin. He had a lovely motorcycle and I was jealous because it was so clean. (I haven’t ever seen a scooter as filthy as mine. Yuck) He very kindly came back around to offer to let me stay with him and his wife in their home. It was a very generous offer. I had already paid and set up my tent so I declined. Thanks, anyway, Martin!

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