Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday, 09 August 2010 Muncho Lake to Teslin - 325.2 miles

I hated to leave the Strawberry Flats campground at Muncho Lake Provincial Park. I met the funniest bunch of Newfies and wanted to talk and laugh with them longer. Also, Muncho Lake is said to be among the most beautiful in the world. It had been cool and cloudy and I hadn't really seen it in it's glory. But I really did need to keep going. And my new friends were going home, too. Here's one more pic of Madonna, Doreen, Pat and Rob. I'll call you guys when I get to Whitehorse.

There are many signs warning of bison /buffalo - ordinary white with black lettering, school bus yellow, neon orange, and even blinking / flashing signs. I guess they really mean it.

And sure enough, there were lots of 'em. The first time I made sure I was well past the group before I pulled over and got out the camera. (Even the babies are a lot bigger than my scooter and me.) The last time I took a picture as I rode past. I think there were four different herds(?) along the roadside. Fun fact - bison poop is just as slippery as goat poop. Just thought you'd like to know.

It rained off and on most of the day. I stopped frequently for photos and in search of fuel (more on that later). There were bison, a cougar or some other cat-like creature (If my youngest nephew and niece, Seth and Loren were here, they'd know. They are geniuses when it comes to identifying animals.), there were lots of ground squirrels and some really cool black and white birds. (I wonder if Loren and Seth can help me with that, too.) The road ran along side the Liard River. It was an amazing shade of turquoise - photos don't do it justice!

I stopped at Watson Lake for fuel (finally, fuel! yay!!) and to take some photos of “The Sign Post Forest.” Folks from far and wide bring signs to add to the collection begun by a home-sick GI who was working on the Alaskan Highway.

You know how I was complaining about the gas stations along the Alaskan Highway? Well, today I learned another thing about them: Not only may the stations listed in the guidebooks or AAA maps be abandoned, out of fuel, closed after 6pm (and definitely closed after 8pm), but they may also be closed because it's Sunday. Yeesh! And the same is true for lodging. Two of the places recommended in the guidebook are closed. dammit.

I had better luck when I stopped at Dalton Peaks lodge just outside of Teslin. As I was taking off my helmet, a fellow walked by and said, “A scooter – nice.” Turns out that was Dave. He and his wife, Carolyn are the proprietors. They’re also fellow riders. Dave said he had no more rooms but he said I could take a look at their tent cabins (even though Carolyn had instructed him not to rent them out. Not up to her standards yet, or something.) I guess Dave could tell that I was tired and just not up to setting up a tent today. The cabins were charming and I was happy to roll out my sleeping bag on the double bed. I had an outstanding dinner (Chicken Cacciatore), took a nice hot shower and went happily to bed.

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