Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thursday, 19 August 2010 – stayed put in Fairbanks, rested up and waited out the rain - 0 miles

I really didn't do anything today except update this blog and make a few phone calls. Oh, and take a shower. A really long, hot shower.

I saw Tim, Tom and Phil. They're happy about the fuel filter repair holding up. (or at least it seems to. Fingers crossed it stays that way!) They're going to try to wash off some of the mud. I should, too. I did clean the rear turn indicators, brake light and license plate. The lights I wiped clean for safety reasons, the plate because I was told I may get ticketed. The rest I'm kind of afraid to mess with. It might be the glue that's holding everything together at this point.

It's going to be hard to leave here tomorrow. Not just because the bed is comfortable and the tent is cozy. I've met some really nice people here. Like Jennifer and Todd (I hope I got that right). They're from Juneau and every trip they explore another part of Alaska. This time they're hiking to Gates of the Arctic National Park with inflatable rafts in their backpacks. Then they're going to float for a while. Sounds like great fun! I'll miss bumping into Tim, Tom and Phil, too. At least I'll get to keep track of them through their blog.

Here they are in the community kitchen. Aren't they adorable?! Wait. Not adorable. Funny, smart, handsome . . . No, that wasn't it either. I forget now.
Anyway, here's the boys: Phil, Tom and Tim.

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