Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday, 01 August 2010 – rode around Seattle – 74.5 miles

Nicky and I left Brad behind to pack for their trip south to northern California. I was sorry he wouldn’t be joining us but I completely understand the last minute rush of packing that he was trying to avoid. We met Helaine for a leisurely morning coffee and a nice chat. The three of us left in plenty of time to join up with the rest of the Westenders for brunch at Café Revo. Freight trains thwarted our route and our timing. We did just barely make it to the café for a delicious brunch of fresh fruit, egg scrambles and potatoes. Unfortunately, both Nicky and Helaine had other plans for the day and would not be joining the group ride. Thanks to their excellent knowledge of the city and crack navigation skills, they did a stellar job of escorting me to meet up with the other 30 or so riders at the park. The group briefly explored nature center at Discovery Park and said a quick good-bye to Nicky and Helaine. We then proceeded to the lighthouse.

We left the park and rode a short distance to the locks.

The fish ladder was cool. I don't remember seeing that when I was here about 25 years ago. Maybe it was 30 - eek!

We stopped at another park with a great view of the Space Needle and downtown Seattle. Bob generously allowed a bride and groom to be photographed with his scooter. I bet they're gonna love that photo!

A few of us ended the day with lunch at Ale House. Another fun day spent with the Westender Scooter Club.

After lunch, I rode around, got flustered and frustrated by my lack of reliable information in finding a local campground and finally decided to take Helaine up on her very gracious offer to stay at her home. I enjoyed meeting her neighbors and their visiting relatives. We swapped travel stories before calling it a night.

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