Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wednesday, 04 August 2010 – rode from Cultus Lake B.C. to Ten Mile Lake, B.C. – 365.9 miles

Today was a wildlife spotting adventure! There were signs warning of big horn sheep, deer, caribou, and bears. Didn’t see any of them. Did see goats, horses, cattle, a fox, lots of birds and a beautiful bald eagle. He was flying over the river that runs along the highway (Trans Canda 1), then rose up even with me. I wish I had a photo of him giving me the once-over! Give "eagle eye" a whole new meaning. (Sorry, no animal pics. I'm not quick enough.)

This stretch of the Fraser Canyon Highway is known for it's scenic beauty. The scenery was pretty but somewhere there was a fire and visibility was limited. The smoke clung to the mountain sides and hovered all around most of the day. The acrid smell came and went. Still, the wildflowers were blooming and the rock faces were impressive.

Hell's Gate, just outside of Boston Bar. Sounds about right, I guess. (No offence to you Bostonians *wink*)

Now, that's what I need! (the trailer, only, thanks)

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