Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saturday, 31 July 2010 – rode around Seattle with the Westenders Scooter Club – 92 miles

Met at Skylark Cafe to sign in for the rally. I had to laugh when Bob asked to see my ID. (He wanted to verify that I really was from San Diego.) I can only imagine the scooter shenanigans that lead to him requiring ID. :)
I received a useful reusable shopping bag filled with lots of swag, including a free pass to the Museum of History and Industry and a 25% off labor coupon at Big People Scooters. These are going to come in handy!

Doc lead a beautiful 75-mile long ride around the city and outlying areas. There were several fuel and rest stops along the way (plenty of time for me to take pics of the variety of scooters and accessories).

The ride ended at a park with a fantastic meal of assorted sausages (bangers), meat on a skewer (everybody loves meat on a stick!) gyro fixins, salads, desserts and drinks.
We were able to put our raffle tickets in a cup with a number that corresponded to the prize we wanted. Even though I put at least 20 tickets in the cup for the set of tires, I got skunked!
I did win a nice set of vintage Italian post cards and a very cool trophy for furthest traveled. Thanks, Westenders!

Dang it! I forgot to take a photo of the trophy before I shipped it home :>(
Here's a photo of the award winning scooter instead.

Here's the gorgeous P200 that so many of the Westenders worked on - they did a great job! It was the grand finale of prizes. I didn't get to take it home (skunked again!). I'm glad that it stayed "in the family" by going to a Westender.

I'd been aksing around for referrals on local campgrounds. Instead of camping out I was lucky enough to bunk in the guest room of Nicky and Brad. We ended up gabbing for hours and before I knew it, it was time for bed. Many thanks to my new friends Nicky and Brad. Hope to see you in San Diego soon so I can return the favor!

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